entrenet hereby commits to treat strictly confidential any kind of verbal or written information with respect to a businessplan, business concept or other business documents.

In detail entrenet guarantees and acknowledges herewith explicitly, that:

1. entrenet is bound to secrecy about the content of any business documents and about related talks and conversation against any third party;

2. entrenet will not pass on any given information to anybody, except to the company management as well as to employees and consultants, demonstrably put in charge of the evaluation and processing of the respective projects;

3. entrenet will engage any third person, being in contact with this information, to adhere to the conditions of this privacy statement, as if personnaly signed by this person;

4. entrenet will not make any copies or duplications of any received information without a prior written agreement of representatives of the customer. This does not affect copies and duplications, passed on to persons mentioned in section 2;

5. entrenet will not use the received information and the thereby acquired knowledge about the project to no other purpose, than to the respectively offered services. This does not affect any information, which is publicly accessible or was demonstrably noted before;

6. entrenet will regive immediately to the customer any documents and written papers, handed over to entrenet in this context (including all copies, excerpts  and other duplicates of the project documents or parts of the project documents made by entrenet), upon according notice by representatives of the customer;

7. entrenet will inform immediately representatives of the customer in case of a legal mandatory disclosure of any received information, so that the customer can make appropriate arrangements ensuring the highest possible confidentiality of the respective information;

8. this privacy statement is subject to the Austrian law and legislation. Furthermore, in case of any dispute in connection with the present privacy statement, it is agreed that the exclusive competency is the commercial court Vienna.